Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do you Suck GoGrid? Come On!

Well, although I was a bit skeptical about the fact that GoGrid would have maliciously or even accidentally removed our root user from our MySQL user table... I'm a bit more curious today.

I awoke to an email from our eng that our root user had been removed again from our MySQL table. I have the highest regard for our eng and if he's pissed about this and thinks it's an issue with GoGrid, I'm on his side. He and I are the only ones with access to these boxes. And I don't touch them.

So what's the deal? I called GoGrid and spoke to Josh, the tech support guy, who is fast becoming a friend of mine. He's incredibly helpful, but he's working alone today. Which isn't doing us much help. I know they're a startup so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. For now. He's looking into it for us.

I have an inkling about what's going on. They have an outsourced support team. With full access to our boxes. I spoke with them two nights ago and unimpressed is putting it nicely. I'm starting to wonder if, while looking into our case, they changed the user yet again.

If we were fully live, I'd be pissed. Fortunately for GoGrid, we're not. But if this happens again, here we come Amazon EC2.


Anonymous said...

What a catchy title! You sure got my attention. Just to quickly chime in here, GoGrid isn't really a "startup" in the true sense of the word. GoGrid's parent company, ServePath, is a managed hosting provider of dedicated servers for well over 7 years. GoGrid is a result of that extensive experience and was in development for 2 years prior to the launch in March. That aside, yes, there are growing pains with any service (not unique to GoGrid actually...just take a look at Vista - gulp!).

I'm the Technology Evangelist for GoGrid so if there is anything that I can (personally) do to help you figure out what is going on with your mySQL instance or your account, please feel free to contact me (michael [at] gogrid.com).

Also, the support team is only partially outsourced and we are making changes (even as I write this)to set up Account teams which include mixes of various departments (depending on the type of account you may have).

If you can provide me with your account information (via email), I will gladly ensure that it gets the attention it deserves.
Sorry for your experience...it's not typical.


Lefty said...

@michael - thank you for your comment, I appreciate the fact that you're looking into issues with GoGrid. Thanks for the background info too - but since GoGrid is a fairly small and new service, you're getting the startup tag. I'll update this blog as the case continues and also follow-up with you via email.