Thursday, February 19, 2009

Microsoft Vista - Black Screen of Doom (Death) - Solved!

Hi. I'm Vista. And I totally suck. Even though I'm supposed to be the most robust operating system Microsoft has ever developed, I have more problems than our economy. One such absolutely beyond annoying problem is the black screen of doom (death). Whenever I boot up, I hang at a black screen, seemingly inoperable. You can sometimes press CTRL-ALT-Del to get the login screen to come up. Or you can start typing and at times parts of the screen start to illuminate. While this generally happens at bootup, it can happen anytime. And sometimes it leads people to believe their computer crashed.

Well, there's a way to solve this problem. And it's really easy! Download autoruns (link here).

1) Run autoruns as an administrator (right click and select run as Administrator). This will list everything that runs on your computer...
2) Make sure the "everything" tab is selected
3) Scroll down through the programs looking for any entry in the "Image Path" column that says: "File not found: xxxxx" where xxxxx is some file path.
4) Deselect the checkbox on the right side of the screen next to any entry where the Image Path has a File not found message.
5) Exit, reboot...and voila.

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