Monday, February 23, 2009

Fajar is Famous! Our CTO/Developer and His Other Startup

Fajar is our CTO and my good friend from my days at the Gap. He was the smart one and quit first. But, I followed shortly thereafter. He decided to head back to Indonesia and has since settled down with a wife and a new baby daughter. He also started a consulting firm, SkyEight Consulting, that I'll write about at a later point. They've been hard at work on a software product themselves and they went beta last week. All it took was one day and they made the news in Indo.

Their website is It means somersault in Dutch. And they're a bit like Dodgeball, in that they do location based social networking.

They've been getting quite a bit of press after that news report and are set to do another round of interviews in the near future. Fajar is incredibly excited. He was just telling me it was the first time he's ever been excited to see his servers crash! Now he's got two startups nearing launch. Hopefully we'll have similar problems.

By the way, the interview is in Bahasa - the Indonesian language, so you won't get it. But that's Fajar at the end - you'll see his name on screen.


Sagita said...

You can read fajar's inteview by Jakarta Globe. It's in English.

You can also read the blog of his application at

Lefty said...

@Sagita - thanks for the comment. I love reading about Fajar! It's amazing what they're doing - and I hope the good news continues.