Wednesday, February 18, 2009

JAL - Japan Airlines, A Company I Can Get Behind

I've always loved flying on Asian carriers. Their services are unmatched by any airline in the United States. They really let you feel like they care about your business. I remember the first time I flew JAL and I passed out for a few hours. I awoke with a note on my seat telling me that I missed dinner, and if I was hungry, to just ring the call button. They promptly brought a warm meal. Imagine United doing that? JAL also served drinks and snacks non-stop. One of the stewardesses even sat down next to me for an hour to tell me all of the can't miss places in Tokyo. I think this is probably when I started becoming critical of US airlines. There is a better way!

So it was no surprise last week when I saw this CBS News video about the CEO of JAL. He rides the bus to work. He buys his suits at a discount shop. He has taken a pay cut in tough times. He treats his employees as colleagues and not employees. It's really an inspiration.

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