Friday, April 24, 2009

Shunning Responsibility - Why Is It So Hard for People To Take Responsible for their Actions?

I was listening the radio this morning on my commute to San Francisco as this professor went on a rant about how obesity is a systemic problem that's a direct result of institutional carelessness. He spoke about how world governments are complicit since they don't do enough to prevent obesity, through regulatory measures. And how they need to step in now and do something. I actually got angry listening to this joker. I wanted to punch the radio. I actually wanted to punch through the radio so I could hit this guy.

Sure there are lots of overweight people who are fat as a result of medical conditions. But how about the rest of the fat people? I'm getting tired of people shunning responsibility for their actions. You want to know why people are fat? Because Americans - and the rest of the world, are getting lazier by the day.

People have a choice to go and eat McDonald's. Nobody is forcing you. You have the choice to super size your meal or add a 98 oz. drink. Or to snack on doughnuts. Or own a deep fryer at home for your fried Twinkies. Or not exercise. Or not eat right. Look at our country. Everyone is looking for a handout... looking for someone else to bear the responsibility of their actions. Why don't we just improve education so people can be more informed rather than bail everyone out every time they're in a pickle? Jesus.

I have to laugh at how fat people are getting blamed for global warming now (here).


Dr24Hours said...

I completely agree. Taking personal responsibility has become something of a critical issue for me in my own life, ever since I confronted my alcohol problem.

And frankly, I could stand to lose 20 pounds. But that's no one's fault but mine.

Lefty said...

@AnyEdge - First of all, congratulations on taking responsibility for your alcohol problem. It would have been easier not to... and there are lots more people who don't.

We could all lose some weight. I've cut cheese out of my diet. Which was my absolute favorite food. But I've got to be aware of my cholesterol problem. I'd rather live longer...

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You want to know why people are fat? Because Americans - and the rest of the world, are getting lazier by the day.