Monday, April 6, 2009

IP Baby Naming Rights for sale on Ebay! Seriously?

Ok, this is great. I was sent an email by my friend and actually had to confirm with him that this was legit. He's offering up baby naming rights for his next child, which is expected in late May. There are some rules to this, but they're pretty fair for the bidders. I have to say, knowing this guy, I was a bit surprised. He's a tax attorney in Massachusetts, with a very normal life. He lives in suburbia so I'm sure this will be big news there. But hey... if you can drum up support, I'm sure a company like GoDaddy or would love to bid. After all, they've bid on toast that has a picture of the Virgin Mary before (here).

There have been others who have sold baby naming rights, for a song (here). That's just ridiculous.

Anywhere, here's what you get (link to the auction here):

1. The name must relate to a genuine for-profit business and must be for purposes of marketing in connection with the business.
2. The business must be a family- or child-oriented businesses, and the name chosen must relate to the business.
3. The name chosen must be appropriate for a baby boy, not a baby girl, and must be an appropriate name in an English-speaking country. By way of example, "General Electric" is an acceptable name. However, "Weirdo" is not acceptable, even if "Weirdo" means "General Electric" in some foreign language.
4. The winner will receive the following rights:
a. to choose the child's first and middle name,
b. the right to forty (40) hours per year of the child's time for marketing campaign purposes at no additional cost, other than reimbursement of travel and other out-of-pocket expenses;
c. in addition to the time set forth in the preceding paragraph, the right to have a representative present and to record (by video or audio) birthday parties, sporting events, and other normal childhood events.
d. the exclusive right to require the child to use products and/or services relating the relevant business (e.g., a certain brand of diapers or baby food);
e. the exclusive right to the baby's image and likeness, other than a reserved right for family and friends to use pictures of the little guy for normal family (non-marketing) purposes.
f. the right to a daily blog created by his parents for the purpose of memorializing the child's life, experiences, etc.
g. the right to change the child's name in the event of a merger, etc., of the relevant business, subject to the foregoing restrictions and limitations.
5. The agreement will cease on the child's eighteenth (18th) birthday.
6. Such additional rights and obligations as the parties agree to prior to closing the agreement.

All terms and conditions to be agreed to by the parties in good faith prior to any payment being due under this auction.
Ultrasound pictures can be provided upon request.\

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