Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wrapping it Up!

We're finally wrapping up our small beta in preparation for a larger beta testing cycle. This one will include a significantly larger population, including a large amount of travelers who we're hoping will be able to validate our concerns and ambitions. They'll get to see our vision and really tell us what they think. And whether it's all been worth it. Even though it has, no matter what.

I estimate a full beta launch will be ready around July 4th. We're basically waiting on our revamped UI right now. We've realized that the existing UI just isn't ready for people we don't know... people we can't personally explain the functionality to. Looking forward to it.


ndintenfass said...

Congrats on the milestone -- glad to see things moving ahead.

Lefty said...

@ndinterfass - thanks man. It's been a struggle to say the least. Not happy with the length of time it's taken...but shit...what can I do now? At least I can move on to phase II after 4th of July!