Monday, May 11, 2009

Value of an MBA after the Financial Crisis - Come Hear Me Speak at Stanford

This is late notice...only because I wasn't ready to announce it until I had my speech written. That's the way I operate. Anyway, tomorrow night (Tuesday 5/12) I'll be speaking at Stanford, discussing the impact of the financial crisis on both business school and life after.

While applications are certainly up this year and many people are espousing a business school bubble, I'm here to say that no matter how you slice it, an advanced degree is worth it's weight in gold, both immediately and throughout your career. Nobody can tell me that two candidates of similar work experience won't be differentiated because one has an MBA. Bull. Up, down, any economy... an MBA is a ticket.

Look back thirty or forty years when a college education was a differentiating factor. Well now that's what graduate school is. Sure you can succeed and excel without one, but the doors that an MBA opens are too numerous to count.

Come and join me. It's free and refreshments will be served.


Best Buddy said...

C'mon, nobody is going out point out the pink lettering and "Women in Business" logo??? Too easy...

Congrats Ms. Lefkowitz. Hope you still respect me even though I don't have an MBA and hope you won't trade me in for a friend who has a MBA.

Lefty said...

@Best Buddy - want me to find a lady for you? And for the record, I'd never trade you in.