Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to Get Free Stuff - Part I

In the last two years, with minimal income, I've become quite adept at getting things free. If not free then at least at heavily reduced rates. I thought I'd begin to share some of these tactics with you. Some of these tips are going to take more of an investment than others, but they're all worthwhile if you're in a situation like mine.

I'll start by pointing out the most basic methods. In subsequent posts, I'll go into the more in depth tactics.

Free Websites - these are websites that give you daily freebies or special deals on a number of different items.

My go to websites. There are two that seem to handle pretty much everything.

FreeStuffTimes: This site is updated by the author several times daily. They list freebies that are generally available at that given time. And some expire quickly - so it's good to check this page a few times a day. Now don't get obsessive about it. I usually just check it every morning and scan the freebies. Some of todays freebies: Free VOIP headset, free magazines, free drinks at Corner Bakery. But they often have free gift cards (I've received several $10GC's for Starbucks). Also - I just got a free Gillette Fusion razor in the mail yesterday. Very worthwhile site.

Now this is the mother lode....

SlickDeals: Slickdeals is a forum where people post deals they find. It has an incredibly active user base and there are often tens of comments about particular deals. Especially whether the deals are actually a good deal or not. The deals are also rated here. It will take you a little while to familiarize yourself with the site. They also have a freebies section that's worth hitting up daily. I usually just scan the 5 star rated deals. Act quickly, because the volume of visitors to this site is so large, the amazing deals often end quickly. Their freebies are under Forums --> Freebies. Some of their great deals today - $20 GC to Starbucks, Wedding registry freebies, free aquafresh sample.

Additionally, Wal-Mart is always giving away samples (here). Today they have Prilosec samples, sun tan lotion, women's products, hair care, etc.

If you're like me and love getting packages...signing up for freebies is a great way to feel the love.

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