Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow. Go Grid Did Something Right!?

GoGrid was having network latency issues for that past few days. Yet again. While this was another instance of GoGrid sucking it, at least they owned up to it this time.

I received an email that began:

Hello Marc,

On Friday, March 27 at 11:10 AM PDT, and again today Monday, March 30 at 12:25 PM PDT, GoGrid suffered a series of large scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that affected the network connectivity of many GoGrid servers.

These network attacks were of a type that we had not seen before, and which our automated network attack prevention hardware was unfortunately unable to prevent.

We estimate that up to 25% of GoGrid customers had servers that were either unreachable or had degraded network performance and packet loss during significant parts of both of these attacks, and at times as much as half of you were affected more briefly. We know that many of you rely on GoGrid to run your critical Internet infrastructure, and apologize for the impacts to your business that these attacks may have caused.

It goes on to say what they'll do moving forward. Something about working with Cisco to ensure it doesn't happen again. But the kicker...apparently servers are still affected. So I'm not sure they're in the clear yet.

If you're a GoGrid customer, here's their status page, which is full of outage statuses:

While I'm definitely happy GoGrid owned up to it...I'm not happy that there continues to be issues with their service. I just hope my incessant bitching got Michael Sheehan and the rest of the people I've dealt with at GoGrid to make things more transparent.

You can check out my past experience with GoGrid:

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UPDATE: Our servers have been intermittently going offline. So I guess we're affected after all.


Anonymous said...

Go Grid recently caused a major problem after some "emergency maintenance" that caused a change of settings on a staging server of ours. The support guy refused to admit they caused the problem. Along with their constant maintenance I'm starting to hate working with this company.

Lefty said...

@Anonymous - I'm getting sick and tired of this emergency maintenance they keep having... they are pathetic. I share your feelings, but my credit with them (for their 10,000% SLA that they have to honor) is going to keep me there until it runs out.

Anonymous said...

I looked at GoGrid, send them some questions, they didn't respond so I'm going elsewhere...

Why do you guys keep using them if you think they are so bad? is there anything good that keeps you with them?

Lefty said...

@Anonymous - We stick with them for two reasons.

1) Switching cost - not worth it right now

2) A huge credit we have from them for f'ing us so bad.

Anonymous said...

My new startup specializes in assisting our clients transition their environments to the cloud.

We're already a Rackspace VAR and the process was downright simple- Rackspace has been very, very professional.

I've been playing phone tag for a week with GoGrid. GoGrid WILL NOT return my calls. I've tried calling the individual who emailed me and the call seems to route to his personal cell phone.

Is this company some sort of a joke?