Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Hate Most US Airlines, But I Found One I Like - Virgin America Rules!

I went to Vegas this past weekend for a bachelor party. Of course it was a blast. I won't go into details, I'll let your imagination wander. I flew Virgin America. Simply because I got the best deal. And it was awesome!

The gate attendant was a riot. You could tell he was psyched to be working for VA. And he loaded us on quickly - no delays. Once on board, the very next thing I noticed was the mood lighting. It was this soothing hue of pink and purple. And between sections of the aircraft were tasteful plastic/glass partitions. Much nicer than those aging distasteful curtains most airlines have that look like they belong on your grandmothers windows. And how could you not enjoy the flight attendants? They weren't old geezers like most of the one's I've seen on other US carriers, who look like they'd rather be skinned alive than serving you. They were all young and incredibly friendly. I wonder if this has to do with unions (from what I've found, they're non-unionized - hallelujah!!!)? And if not, then what the hell is the excuse that the rest of the airlines in this country are giving for crappy service? Oh, they even had free soda. I think some airlines are already dropping that perk.

Every seat came equipped with a RED entertainment system in it. It was awesome - I setup a lineup with my favorite artists and songs and passed out. You could play games, watch movies, or whatever. Seriously United. Take note.


Geoff said...

JetBlue was awesome back when they were affordable, and also Lufthansa obviously for the free drinks and hot wet towels. Delta Song was also good while it lasted. I will have to try Virgin America sometime!

Lefty said...

@Geoff - Yea, JetBlue went from affordable to not affordable in no time. Wasn't that their thing? I guess it's the rope a dope. Sucker us in with cheap airfares, then jack 'em up. Screw 'em when we got Virgin.