Monday, March 16, 2009

Yipee Ki Yay! (Private) Beta Launch Wednesday!

Thanks to all who participated in our alpha. Good news, our beta will be launched this Wednesday. It's actually up now, but there are lots of bugs that we're working on fixing as we speak. We'll also be inviting you patient friends who've signed up for the alpha. We'll be slowly opening it up on Wednesday. We're going to focus on avid travelers for the early invites. We think they'll provide real value in understanding our concept and working through providing the best product we can.

I've realized over the past year that I'm incredibly critical. Or maybe a perfectionist. And I'm not sure that I like that fact all that much. I'm critical of myself and others - so I'm going to try to work on that. It's what has kept our alpha launch so small. I guess I'm afraid of failure. But I have to realize that it comes with the territory. Entrepreneurs need think skin. Hopefully it will thicken after this experience. I really wasn't comfortable showing many people the website until we had some color and good design. But it's here. Hope you will enjoy it. And yes, there's a watermark on the image on our homepage. I purchased a license for it...just need to update the site. It will be taken care of on Wednesday!

Footnote: that's the proper spelling for Yippee Ki Yaya according to IMDB (here). I thought it was Yipee Kai Yay or Yipee Kai Yea. Proves what I know...

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