Monday, March 9, 2009

More Bars in More Places? AT&T Service and Reception Suck!

I was overjoyed to switch to AT&T when I got my iPhone. I was so sick of Verizon and their overpriced rates, coupled with god awful customer service. AT&T was great to deal with. While I had a few problems initially, they were more than helpful clearing things up. It made me happy.

I'd heard for years how great Verizon's coverage was in the Bay Area. I didn't really think much of it. I figured AT&T would be comparable. They do have more bars in more places don't they?

The first glitch in their service, I noticed on 280 whenever I'd head down to Menlo Park. I will undoubtedly lose service near Woodside. It's not like service gets crappy and sometimes hangs on. It just drops. How can AT&T not rectify this. What do people do when they're on important business calls?

I then began to notice that my calls began to drop with a great deal more frequency than they'd ever dropped before with Verizon. They'd sometimes drop multiple times on a single phone call, when I have full bars. But my favorite is when I'm talking to someone and then I get a busy signal mid-conversation. What the hell is that? It's not my phone either, because everyone else at AT&T has these same problems. I thought they built a new network? I guess that didn't make a damn bit of difference. And you'd think two people talking who are on AT&T would have better service? Nope. Even worse.

I also love how my iPhone jumps back and forth from Edge to 3G to whatever the other option is (a circle - maybe analog?) and can't connect. Make a decision and stick with it.

Well...welcome to the new AT&T. Worse than the old AT&T.

I thought this video was great. It's not for AT&T, but whatever. Wouldn't that be awesome if your network showed up and followed you around?


Anonymous said...

I love that you posted this video best buddy.
Story for you next time we bro around!

Lefty said...

@Anon - what's up best buddy?! Can't wait for the story...