Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How To Build Github or Git Gems on Windows

I couldn't find much information on this, so if you've stumbled across this post hoping to find out how to build a gem locally on Windows from a Github repository, you've come to the right place.

First you're going to need Git GUI. You can read the instructions and download the windows version here.

Once the Git GUI is installed you can download the source of the plugin or gem you want. You do this by clicking clone a repository on the Git GUI main window. Fill in the path to the git repo as well as your local directory where you want the files. This basically means you're copying a set of files from the git repository onto your own system.

Once you have cloned the git repository for the package you want, it's pretty simple to build the gem.

Just navigate to the directory where you cloned the git repo and type:

gem build xxxx.gemspec (there should be a file called xxxx.gemspec in the directory). That'll build the gem. Then you can just do a gem install whatever the gem name that was built - but make sure you run it locally or in the directory where the gem was built so it pulls the version you built. I had to do this for piston - since the piston gem in the gem repo isn't the latest version.

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