Friday, October 24, 2008

TheFunded's Event Connect at Tesla Motors

I attended's Event Connect last night at Tesla Motors. It was an event for Bay Area CEO's to meet, greet, eat, drink, and test drive Tesla cars. The quality of CEO's was great - so the networking was actually of value.

Unfortunately I didn't get to test drive the Tesla. There were too many people waiting in line and I had a bit too much to drink as the night wore on.

TheFunded, whom I've written about before, is a website for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. It's our take on VC's. Our experiences and most importantly, our opinions. It's an anonymous site that really lets you bring it to those VC's that make you feel like shit when you pitch. And man, we all know that stepping outside some of those meetings, all you want to do is vent. Well, you can.

It's a bit of a challenge to get membership. You need to be a legit CEO which they do a background check on. So you need a website and your bio up there. And no VC's allowed - which let's us be much more honest.

There were a few products that I learned about last night that I thought I'd pass along. But I'll give them the decency of their own post.

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