Sunday, October 26, 2008

EconomyBeat: "How to manage your start-up in a downturn"

I think I owe you all a Vyoo post sometime soon. But first, here's an event I'll most likely be attending on Wednesday: EconomyBeat: "How to manage your start-up in a downturn". It looks promising, with a great lineup of speakers. John Doerr, Max Levchin, Ram Shriram, Ron Conway, and Matt Cohler, among others (here).

If you know me and you're interested in attending, send me a private email. There are a few tickets available for entrepreneurs at a discounted rate through BASES - The Business Association of Stanford ( Yes, I'm a Cal grad, but we're all entrepreneurs anyway. Also, you guys should join the BASES group on YouNoodle to stay up to date on worthwhile events -

About the event, from BASES:
Start-ups will not be spared the effects of a recession, but what this means for entrepreneurs is an open question.

That's why VentureBeat has invited some of the most experienced and respected business leaders in Silicon Valley to debate the fallout and provide advice to start-up founders and executives about how to manage the mess we're in.

The event will take place at the Stanford Park Hotel between 8am-12pm on October 29th.

The format will be two roundtables, one for investors and one for entrepreneurs.

Speakers include

* John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins
* Ram Shriram, early investor in and founding board member at Google
* Max Levchin, Slide founder and PayPal co-founder
* Nirav Tolia, Epinions co-founder
* Matt Cohler, Benchmark Capital
* Jason Calacanis, founder of Mahalo
* Kittu Kolluri, New Enterprise Associates

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