Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vyoo Questionnaire - Please Help!

For those who know me... well, you probably already received an email from me. For those who don't know me... well, here's the email I wrote to most everyone I know. You are all welcome and encouraged to fill out our questionnaire:

Friends, Friends of Friends, Facebook Friends, Colleagues, Classmates, and of course, Family:

It's been about a year since Rajiv and I started this venture (Vyoo - pronounced View). A long time has passed... and, what may surprise some of you, we're still at it! We're weeks out from launching a very private alpha. And then a beta shortly thereafter. We're incredibly excited about our product. We think it's going to revolutionize the way people get the information they want online. I'll spare the details here, so I can get to the point.

We've been developing our algorithm with an amazing psychometrician - Mark Moulton. In order to refine and complete this algorithm, we need your help. I'm asking you, personally, to fill out our final questionnaire - the actual questionnaire that will be used on our website! And the bonus of actually filling this one out is that we can generate an account for you when we go live (with your permission of course)! This questionnaire is a lot more fun than the previous incarnations, I promise. While long - there's a tangible benefit when we launch (planning and researching a trip will be a whole lot easier) - as well as now:

We're giving away a new 8Gb iPod Nano (chromatic - here) in whatever color you want, as well as 15 - $10 Starbucks cards for completing this.

I'd love your comments after you take the questionnaire - length, enjoyment, style of how the questions are asked, answer choices, or whatever is on your mind. Just and FYI - they'll be presented to you much more pleasantly when on our website.

And finally, the questionnaire:

Thanks so much!
Marc and Rajiv

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