Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Let me clarify!

So I'm out over the weekend and I run into a good buddy of mine, Mr. Schneeds we'll call him. He runs his own blog, Rude Not To ( Don't go there unless you're old enough. That's all I'll say. Anyway, he chastises me for my last post on screen scraping. If it wasn't clear enough, let me break it down right here.

Our business is not and will never be based on screen scraping. I hate screen scrapers. Especially when that's their business. We're simply using it initially to prove our technology. And that's it. We've begun initial partnership discussions with several sites and we're using this as a way to demonstrate the power that our technology can provide for them. In fact, when we go live, you may not even see any screen scraping or any use for the screen scraping we have. We will be happily sending lots of traffic to these other sites. It will become clear when you see what we're doing... Stay's coming.

That's it.

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