Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doing the Little Things for your Website

As we're getting close to's time to worry about the details of our website. I'm a "closet" perfectionist. Meaning, I think it would surprise people to know that about me. I don't want to launch anything with potential surprises lurking behind the scenes. I'm NOT saying that we're going to launch with a perfect product. Because we won't. That's impossible. I just want to try to plan for as much as I can.

It's these details that are a time consuming but necessary piece of preparedness. It's the static website content. The copy.

Of course we need to have our message squared away and all that good stuff. But even the team pages. It's time to gather photos and write-ups about everyone who has contributed positively to the project. While this may be a bit simpler for a company where people are in an office - this is a challenge for our distributed company. We have people in Indonesia, Boston, Vancouver, and all over the Bay Area who have helped us out. So it's requiring a bit of extra effort to gather this up!

And then there's the about pages, terms and conditions, FAQ, and all that stuff. You sometimes try to ignore this stuff or put it off... but inevitably there comes a time when you just have to do it.

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