Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Firefox Add-ons - TooManyTabs

On Thanksgiving (yes, this is a bit late), there was a great post on LifeHacker that discussed all things FireFox and the great add-ons/extensions (here) that can make your browser a pretty powerful tool. Sure, there are all the copy/paste, multiple tab, download helpers, memory managers, skin tweaks, document managers, and hundreds of other add-ons. And those are all great, but the one thing that consistently kills my user experience is having too many tabs open in my browser. It gobbles up memory like it's a job. And I always lose pages that I want to look at later, but not necessarily bookmark, because I'm constantly trying to conserve memory.

Bookmarking is great, I'll give it that. But how many times have you bookmarked stuff never to look for it again? Probably quite often. And since my memory likes to escape me from time to time, I like to have visual queues. Alas, here comes TooManyTabs. This is my favorite extension - and it's well worth it. Extensions are free for those who've never used them.

TooManyTabs (here). I'll leave the description to them:

TooManyTabs allows you to store up to over 50 tabs in multiple extra rows in your browser by a simple click. It saves your browser's space and memory as idle tabs are put aside. The extra rows also help to better prioritize and visualize your tabs.

It's awesome!


Kenny Carruthers said...

Another great Firefox extension is "Read It Later". It lets you stash web pages in a temporary "bookmark-like" list for reading at a later date. Really nice if you're a big RSS user and want to scan your feeds, but read the actual articles later.

I only wish they made a version for Safari...


Lefty said...

@Kenny - I can always count on your vast knowledge to give me good advice on tech stuff. Appreciate it. That definitely looks like a useful extension. It's been installed. I'll let you know how I like it.

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