Friday, June 12, 2009

Pineapple Express Sucks!

Who the hell recommended this crap show to me? Lots of people, that's who. I can't believe people like this movie. It sucks. And it made me realize that Seth Rogen really isn't funny. Well, that's not true. I already knew that. I'll tell you who's funny out of that new crew of stoner jokers. That super fat kid from SuperBad. And that other kid from SuperBad - the one who was in Juno. I don't know their names, but they're hilarious. I thought they'd all be in this movie too. But no.

I don't even think I laughed throughout the entire movie. And I stopped watching it before it ended I was so bored. I started wondering if maybe I needed to be super stoned to watch it. But since I don't smoke weed anymore, I was resigned to watch it sober. But then again, those other stoner movies I still find hilarious so that's not it.

Bad plot. Bad script. Bad everything.

Anyway. Save your $3. By the way, I looked up this movie on Rotten Tomatoes just to see how well it's been received. It got a 65%. Which means nothing to me since Rotten Tomatoes is a thumbs up or down. What's a good score on that site anyway?

Perfectly coined by Richard Roeper (and I hate critics):
Watching Pineapple Express is like sitting dead sober in a room with a bunch of stoned people who are laughing uproariously. They’re having a great time. You’re not.


abe said...

For the most part I agree the movie was crap. But, by turning it off early you missed the last 5 minutes of the movie which was hilarious.

Jagrmeister said...

That fat kid is Jonah Hill and yeah he's pretty darn funny- had a great Saturday Night Live where he guested.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have smoked up before pressing play?

Lefty said...

@All - last 5 minutes was ok. I just can't stand the cadence of Seth Rogen's voice. It's not funny. And yea, Jonah Hill rules. And maybe I should have smoked up. But it still sucked.