Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello Bank Of America. So Far So Good. AND a $75 Sign Up Bonus

I was asked what bank I switched to. It's Bank of America. I can't really praise them yet, but I will say I'm happy so far. And while I'm not happy with Mr. Lay's unimpressive stint as CEO, their purchase of Merrill, their ATM fee hikes that led the industry, and a litany of other issues, I still decided to give them a try. So why did I choose BoA? It really came down to three things:
1) Free checking. Totally free. No BS!
2) Loads of ATM's, since that's how I get my money.
3) And a $75 signup bonus for opening a checking account (and adding direct deposit). You should always be on the lookout for these sign up bonuses. They change frequently. And sometimes they're as high as $200.

Here's the bonus link (here):

So far I've been impressed with two things:
1) Customer service. They were incredibly helpful and friendly on the phone. Unlike Wells.
2) Their online portal. It's better than Wells and much more secure which makes me feel more comfortable.

I'm sure there are people who have issues with Bank of America. We'll see how my experience goes.

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