Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Webinars - HubSpot

I must have signed up for this some weeks ago - because I have no idea why an email reminding me about a webinar today ended up in my inbox. Anyway, the short and sweet - a webinar is an online seminar. You can dial/Skype out/whatever into the webinar, download some software, and you can view their slides on your screen. It's a pretty cool technology and I'm in the middle of listening to a talk on Social Media Marketing. It's quite good and I thought I'd pass along the info. It's probably a bit too late to hop on today, but Hubspot has one of these every so often. There's one in May on SEO, which is a fast growing, but somewhat ambiguous field designed to improve your standing in search results. It's something that can really make your product grow and sell.

Anyway, on to HubSpot - which is really an entire marketing solution for your business. They are obviously very tied into Web 2.0 which is a good sign if you're online. They work hard to get your business known - with consultants, training materials, and tools/products for analytics, while gaining visibility through Digg, Delicious, Facebook, etc. Seems good. Anyway, this isn't an advert for HubSpot, so here's the link:

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