Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Startup Camp - SF May 4th - 5th

Again, sorry about the minor delay in getting back to this blog! I've been running around lately and wondering what happened to the time. I've started jumping back into coding, which is definitely not my favorite way of spending my time, but it's a necessary evil for getting this product out on time. What's on time? Yea, not really sure about that either.

This weekend (Sunday - Monday actually), Startup Camp is going on in San Francisco. The best part about it, it's free. So it really is for entrepreneurs (note to self: write a post about the different types of entrepreneurs, because there are quite a few).

What is Startup Camp?
Well, according to the website, it's an unconference. What that means is that we, as entrepreneurs, get to run the show. We get to recommend what discussions take place, which is actually pretty useful. I thought about making a few recommendations but I figured that would require a commitment to attend those discussions. As most people who know me, I'm not very good at committing to things when I'm unsure of the value.

What will be valuable though is actually attending the conference. It's really a forum to meet and discuss all things startup with other people who are going through the same thing. I've found recently that it's hard to get the time AND/OR attention of people who aren't sharing in your pain or have anything tied to your endeavor. The best interactions I've had are with other entrepreneurs or friends in the VC community (who owe me because we're friends). Everyone else seems to tune you out if what you're talking about isn't right up in their wheelhouse. Or if you don't have something that's going to directly provide them with value. Me... I'm a fan of giving to others for the pure sake of it. And that's part of the reason I like writing this blog.

Point is this. If you're in SF and you're an entrepreneur, go to Startup Camp. It's one of the few free things in life this weekend. And say hi if you see me. That's my picture there on the right. I'm a little older, but should look pretty much the same. I've pretty much looked the same since I was 12 years old.


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Unfortunately ladies, that holds true both above AND below the belt. You've been warned...

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