Monday, October 29, 2007

Network, Network, Network

As a nice continuation of my last post on legal advice, this past weekend, I met-up with a friend I had met in Hong Kong when I was on exchange at HKUST (during my MBA at Berkeley). He was visiting from Spain with a fellow friend who was over here for the CTIA conference. His friend was a lawyer, very knowledgeable about startups and legal issues, and was great at giving me advice for all of the intricate questions I had about my business. She's offered to meet with me further to discuss any of the questions I come up with.

What I've begun to realize is how important networking is. I had always heard that sentiment echoed while going into and through my MBA, but I always took it for granted. The reason was simple, I couldn't stand doing it. It just felt too fake, both when I would approach people and when people would come and speak with me.

That's where things have recently changed for me. From a professional sense, I have found something that I'm incredibly passionate about. I can now search out people who share this interest and have found people incredibly receptive, informative, and helpful.

And so, tomorrow I'm heading to San Francisco to meet with someone I've been emailing with to discuss UI design - which is something I'm interested in getting right with this project. I think too many sites get things incredibly wrong - but I'll save that for a future post.

Bottom Line: Network, network, network. But while you do it, make your approach genuine. It will pay dividends.

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