Friday, October 19, 2007

1999. Deja vu, all over again.

I went to a launch party last night for a company called MadeIt. A company that creates invitations that "keep the party going" - and allows you to share stories, videos, pics, etc, in one place after the party. It's a step up from eVite, a site that has failed to evolve as the internet moved forward - which means there is an opportunity (and a lot of other players: Renkoo, Socializr, goovite, and doodle to name a few). I liked all of the founders I met, but what was really interesting, was the fact that there were two parties going on at Harlot in SF. One was for and one was for Videobox - a porn site, as the name aptly refers (the #1 site on the Net).

In addition to two startup parties, I ran into several friends from the old .com days - Jared Kopf (entrepreneur) and Johnny Manzari (graphic guru). It really brought back ideas of the heyday.

I'm hoping we're not in a bubble. People claim that we're not, that everything out there is actually useful, and that users are all that matter. I remember eyeballs being all that mattered back in the day. That didn't save anyone.

I guess only time will tell if things will work out, but what I am getting excited for is another round of startup party madness, 10 billion dollar startup valuations, and money being thrown around the valley (some of which is already happening)!