Friday, October 8, 2010

There's No China Housing Bubble? Seriously?

Sometimes I read headlines of articles and I instantly react. I don't even need to read the article to know that it's absolutely BS. That dude who wrote Blink, what was his name? Gladwell. Malcom Gladwell. Yea, I don't really like his books because they're written for 3rd graders. But he does make a point. People react based on instinct. And instinct is built on years of experience - so generally, instinct works better than thinking. Why? Because thinking adds emotion to the mix. And that's never good. Just think about your last argument. I'm sure emotion played a great big factor.

Back to my point. This is the headline: JPMorgan: There's no housing bubble in China (here). After my BS thought, I decided to read the article. Now emotion was involved, because I knew I wasn't going to believe what was written for 2 very important reasons.

1) Did we learn nothing about the economic ruin we're mired in? Big banks have way too much at stake to be honest, straightforward, and the least bit pragmatic. Imagine the reality of a housing crisis in China? What would that do to JP Morgan?

2) Just a few months ago, I read article after article about ghost cities in China. And the boom that was occurring there. Lest I remind you - these were ghost cities. (here, here)


new homes said...

China's Government has moderation on business news that they supply to the media. I think that is one of the reason why.

Joseph said...

I'm also surprised with that news. I can't imagine a country without it. I hope they can settle any issues regarding it.

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Karl said...

I got your point. Good thing you still considered reading the article. The 2 reasons you pointed out definitely make sense.
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long island home builders said...

It doesn't look good for their economy if this continues. They need to decide based on the figures.

foreclosure attorney long island said...

There's a need to regulate the housing in the region. It will only affect their economy in the near future.

Theodore Oney said...

That'll be hard for the people living in this place. I think they should do something about this.

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Jennifer Swift said...

China is a powerful country that also went through crises. They actually had encountered economic crises that affected the real estate business in the country. However, with the different strategies and skills that Chinese people and government posses, they were able to overcome the crises. Now, China is continually growing its real estate business penetrating the international scenes.

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perth property said...

China's economy is already starting to crack. Overlooking accurate figures for even one sector - housing included - could potentially spell disaster.

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