Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Demise of Yahoo is Greaty Underappreciated. Why Yahoo Mail Sucks...STILL

UPDATE: I decided to include a snapshot of my inbox. Honestly? Some of the subject lines actually have the word PORN in them. And most are such gibberish I can't imagine Yahoo can't tell they're spam. But I guess they really can't. They should just give up the fight since it seems they aren't even in the ring. Or maybe this is their ploy to get you to cough up $20/yr to get their extra special spam filter. Note: while this is a screen cap of my spam folder, these were moved to my spam folder AFTER I selected these messages as spam.

With increased frequency as of late, I've been receiving spam in my Yahoo! inbox. Yahoo! you say? Yea, it's my junk account. Not that I expect to get inundated with junk email, but I use it to sign up for sites that require email addresses, or for ordering goods, etc. I try to keep my gmail account free and clear of any non-contacty type of email. That's changing though. I've noticed myself using my gmail account for most things lately. That's going to change quickly though.

I literally have tens of emails a day that slip through Yahoo!'s spam filter. And it boggles my mind. I could write a regex parse to get those emails right into the spam folder myself. But for some reason, Yahoo! engineers still can't. What the hell is the deal?

Today was the end of it though. I deleted ALL of my contacts in Yahoo! All of them. Because the "preview" mode of Yahoo! mail obviously granted access for one of these emails to spam my contacts. And now I have to sit through today embarrassingly answering emails from my friends who are ridiculing me for allowing this to happen.

Why is this not really all that surprising? Because Yahoo! has been in the toilet for a while now. Thanks for ruining my day Yahoo! Now go fix your email. Stop proving to the world that you're completely inept at everything you do.

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