Sunday, August 22, 2010

Apple iOS 4 and the iPhone 3G Headache (iOS4 sucks / killed my phone)

I'm always upgrading things before I should. When a new OS comes out or a new version of Firefox is released, I'm always on it. It usually works out - in fact, I can't remember the last time there was a failure as colossal as the iOS4? It is such a flaming piece of crap on my iPhone (3G I should note) that I am itching to start a new job so I can rid myself of this damn phone.

It's been written about plenty by now, but I can't use the map, use apps, read email, or surf the internet without freezing the phone. And it freezes for about a minute, or so it feels, until control is ceded back. It happens when I try to make calls, when I add contacts, and even when I receive calls. I can't believe they a) haven't fixed this, and more importantly b) release this utter piece of junk.

If Apple had to release this sh*t, then why didn't they ensure that it didn't get loaded on the iPhone 3G? Now we know it's not available for the 3. And we know they disabled features for the 3G (multi-tasking), so what's the reason?

Many people have speculated that it's so users switch to the 4, because of frustration. Man that's a real sh*tty reason. So did they not test it well enough? Just like they didn't test that antennae issue? There are people like me all over, looking for reasons to dislike Apple. Besides the hordes of mindless, lemming-like fanboys, I now have a real reason.

Jobs in his usual smug way, says there's an iOS4 3G fix on the way (here). It can't come soon enough.

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