Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ok, so what's so cool? How about Shazam?!

Now that I told you about my phone, here's what's cool about it. The App Store! There are quite a few apps that rock. And that are free. But there's one far and above the rest. It's not GPS related and doesn't use any location based infrastructure. It doesn't use the gyroscope ability of the phone either - which is badass, by the way. It uses the speaker and captures sound. So what's it do?

I'm not even a huge music fan, but there are still times when I hear a song on the radio and I wonder who it is or how I can buy it. And I know that everyone else, especially those that like music, does the same thing. So here's where the app comes into play. When you hear a song you like, launch the app, and let it run. It takes a sound sample and sends it to its servers where it determines what the song is. I was skeptical, but it works. And it's dead on. I've tried it dozens of times and only once did it not work (it was an obscure cover). Shazam says they have about 4 million songs in their library to check against. It provides links to purchase the music in iTunes and links to videos of the song/artist on YouTube. It really is amazing!

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