Sunday, November 18, 2007

Boston to NYC, by Bus

I have to plug the Chinatown to Chinatown bus service that runs from Boston to NYC. In fact, there are Chinatown buses that go everywhere, but this was the first route I had heard of and the first one I've used. The one-way price, just $15. Greyhound was never even close to this cheap, but they've had to reduce their prices to compete.

So the bus is clean - contrary to popular belief (I had heard the buses were dirty) and the owners were incredibly friendly.

All one way fares, with little notice
Chinatown Bus: $15 (4-5 hours)
Cheapest Amtrak price: $84 (3 1/2 hours)
Cheapest flight: $169 (1 2/3 hours)

There are tons of Chinatown bus companies, but I took Lucky Star.

Oh yea, another thing. About halfway through the ride, they pull off the highway and into this strip mall in the middle of Connecticut. I had no idea what was happening and from the looks on everyone else's face, neither did they. They ended up parking outside this enormous Chinese Buffet for us to eat/bathroom or whatever. I went to the Big Y and had a sub sandwich though since I miss real East Coast sandwiches in San Francisco. But I thought it was a riot that they did this. And a great way for them to earn some extra dough.

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