Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The iPhone... Finally Fixed, but I'm Still Throwing It Against the Wall

So I waltzed into the Apple store last night for my appointment at the Genius bar. I was so sick of the phone in my pocket that I had to do something about it. The "genius" picked it up and tried to open my txt messages. Tick, tick, tick... even he had trouble hiding the surprise at what a piece of crap my phone was. Well it didn't have the latest OS on it... because, well, we all know what happened when 3G owners upgraded to the iOS4. Ain't no way I was upgrading unless I had damn good reason. Now, just for the record, I removed all of the apps I had on my phone. I re-imaged the thing from scratch. It had nothing on it but the OS and whatever the hell Apple puts on it. I removed the Searchlight or whatever that pre fetch crap is. Disabled everything. It was a bare bones phone... and it still didn't work. Maps hung. Internet hung. Text messages barely loaded. It turned what was a shitty phone and a good device into a shitty phone and a shitty device. And remember, the iOS 4 came out in June.

Anyway - he says he can't do much until I upgrade. I upgraded. Low and behold...the device works again. At least a little better for now. And I'll now realize what a shitty phone it is again. But screw the iPhone. I got myself an Android in the mail. June - September... that's how long it took for them to get a fix out.

Yes, the iPhone was a great device. They figured out how to solve the smartphone issue and get it in everyone's hands. But they treat their customers like such crap that people like me are more than excited for an excuse to leave them. See ya iPhone. And when the new phone comes in, yes, I'm going to throw this piece of junk against the ground, smash it up real nice, and feel good about myself.

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