Wednesday, February 20, 2008

B Plan Presentation

On Friday we had our first presentation for the business plan competition. It gave us a chance to share our ideas and practice our pitch. Essentially, it was a mixer with all of the teams in the semi-final round. We had a chance to see what our competition was up to.

We actually were a bit surprised and excited to meet another team that was doing something similar to us. They were focusing on the video game industry, but it validated our idea. We spent quite a bit of time talking strategy with these guys and will probably see more of them again in the future.

There were a handful of mentors there, people from all different areas of the startup industry - successful entrepreneurs, VC's, angels, etc. It provided us with some great face time with some of these big players and regardless of the competition, will benefit from getting to know these people.

One of the least impressive parts of the mixer a few of the other entrepreneurs. Most were great. In fact, I'd say 95% of them were great. Unfortunately there were a few who were incredibly self righteous, who basically thought their shit didn't stink. It's totally cool to be psyched about your idea and to have confidence in what you're doing - but when you're a "me, me, me" person, it's really a turn-off. Regardless of how good these guys ideas were (or how bad they were in some cases), I won't be going out of my way to provide these guys with anything. It's a small world in Silicon Valley - there's no point in cutting yourself off from that.

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