Monday, August 4, 2008

The Algorithm

I had a nice chat today with Mark Moulton, a psychometrician here in the Bay Area. For a bit of a background, psychometricians are people who understand how to conduct analysis on data that's based on psychological measurements. It's actually a pretty small field. On one end of the spectrum, you have psychologists - and we all know there are plenty of them out there. Then you have statisticians, who are also quite common. What you don't have are a lot of people that understand the intricacies of the intersection between those two fields. Mark is one of those guys. We've spoken to quite a few statisticians, but one of the problems with the statisticians is that they didn't really understand what we were trying to accomplish. Sure they could look at the data and analyze it but they couldn't provide any insight or provide any sort of guidance in terms of how data collection was really setup.

We talked to Mark a bit about what we needed and what our end goals were. While he understood what we were up to, we're going to sit down on Wednesday to see if he'll be able to do some consulting for us.

That's one of the last pieces of the puzzle that we're putting together. The rest is just dealing with taking the time to build the product out. Which, I won't lie, is taking a hell of a lot longer than I had hoped.

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Mocha said...

Do you think that it's a way not to want to face the result of your launch that's making your start-up progress even slower?